Michael hails from Camden, NJ, and the greater Philadelphia, PA and New York City areas. His musical technique, along with his defined bass chops, are deeply rooted in the rich styling of mid-Atlantic/east coast jazz , funk, rock and soul tradition.


Originally a drummer who started performing with various jazz, folk and rock ensembles at an early age, Michael’s interests soon turned to string instruments. While guitar became the initial focus during his early teen years, a more honed and enthusiastic affinity toward bass began to take shape later. This fast developing talent proved to be a natural and fluid stride forward.


The knowledge and proficiency acquired over the years of performing on trap set and various percussion instruments provided keen insight and ability in strengthening an already naturally-felt sense of the relationship between bass and drums. Michael’s ability to lay down solid bass lines and syncopated phrasing to accompany any given drum groove pattern very quickly became second nature. Beside studying and playing acoustic upright bass (double bass), during this time, a solid slap-funk style began to surface within his playing—influenced by electric players such as Stanley Clarke, Chuck Rainey, and Larry Graham. This merged with a Jaco Pastorius/Jeff Berlin technique (two other highly influential bassist) already present in Michael’s playing, to create a uniquely textured style. 



A live performance of Elton John's
 "Madman Across the Water"
Special guest performer -  Alison Scott

Paul Scott - keys, vocals

Tim Dallman - guitars, mandolin, vocals

Jay Peterson - drums

Michael Carlucci - bass, vocals,

with The Laurels String Quartet. ​

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